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Queer as fuck I like metaphors, coffee, and the golden girls Social Work and Feminist theory are slowly taking over my life. I'm pretty happy about the take-over. hit counter
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How are there 8th graders who can successfully function in healthy monogamous relationships yet it is impossible for me, an adult with adult responsibilities and an adult job, to do so, no matter how much I want to?

Mary, there is no such thing as a functional 8th grade relationship. Yes I get that this is ageism. BUT THINK! You can buy alcohol and they can’t. so there’s that. 

There are years that ask questions and years that answer.
Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God (via observando)

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drake be on another plane

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.تَمَزَّقْتُ عِدَّةَ مَراتّ
هذا مَا يَدُلُ عَنّي شَيْأً
أَنَّنِي اَعِيشُ في
i fell apart many times.
what does that say about me
i live through
nayyirah waheed

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And the silence will fall.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
does sex hurt more if you've never masturbated before?
leoandviolins leoandviolins Said:


life hurts more if you’ve never masturbated 

Poehler-oids [x]

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>teenage actress’s private nudes get leaked

>teenage actress is reviled as a slut and a whore and a bad role model

>james franco asks a seventeen-year-old girl if he can meet her in a private hotel room

>james franco gets to go on saturday night live and joke about what a silly doofus he is for soliciting sex from a girl literally half his age

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Young men need to be socialized in such a way that rape is as unthinkable to them as cannibalism.
Mary Pipher, Reviving Ophelia  (via dioar)

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I hope one day
Your human body
Is not a jail cell,
Instead it’s a sunny
2pm garden with daisies
Thriving because of
Self love.
Alexa Evangelista, you deserve better (via happyasatree)

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The City of Pawnee, IN, Parks Department

yes, please. 

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